Ps3 On HD Computer Monitor Via HDMI To DVI

How to setup up a ps3 on a monitor via HDMI to DVI it is very simple and all you need is a HDMI Cable stander definition cables from the ps3 and a HDMI to DV...

PS3 With DVI to HDMI converter Audio Problem - XSplit

I'm getting this awful buzzing sound. I have all the right cords set up I'm wondering is there a setting on my PC that needs messing with? I have HDMI to DVI coming out of PS3 into Converter. Optical Cable coming from PS3 to converter. HDMI going into Cap Card and HDMI going out to Monitor. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Cable adaptors (i.e., HDMI to DVI converters)

If you...


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Adriano Adriano says:
ps3 hdmi to dvi connection?
so i have a ps3 and i connected my hdmi to dvi cable to my tv. do i have to connect the audio in order for the tv to display the video because my screen just goes black when i select the option to switch to hdmi.
Steven says:
I'm presuming that you previously had your PS3 connected by the AV cables (Red, White, Yellow) that came with the PS3. Firstly, turn on your PS3 with the AV cables connected. This way you should be...

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