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PS3 HDD not showing up on PC - Penny Arcade Forums

My PS3 went all yellow light of death on me the other day.

I learned that if you send it in to be fixed the reformat the HDD so I figured I would back up my data before I sent it in.

Problem is that when I plug the HDD into my PC via a USB dock it just makes a beep every 10 seconds and never shows up as a connected device.

Googling has not quite helped my as...


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Goonerr4Lyfff Goonerr4Lyfff says:
PS3 Hard Disk Drive Help?
Basically I have a 40gb ps3, I've had it since it came out and I have run out of space and i want to buy a new HDD and i wanted to know is this one ok, in the below link Is it hard...
Samit says:
Okay replacing your hard drive for your ps3 is really easy. Just back up all of your save games and sync all of your trophies to the server. After that just turn off the PS3 from the back take a...

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