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I figured it would be something different to see, and it though it's not the best compilation of Eye Toy mini-games out there (I think Sega Superstars can wi...

Eye Toy Not Bundled With Every PS4 | PS4 Blog & Community ...

Found at the end of the Dualshock 4 video for the PS4 is the phrase “Playstation 4 camera may be required and sold seperately.”

This means no forced camera connection a la kinect and hopefully resulting in a lower priced console. I am certain there will be a large hard drive version with the camera bundled in, however this is good news for those who do not care about motion...


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☆MandaEVQueen★ ☆MandaEVQueen★ says:
Eye Toy Play for ps3?
is there such thing as Eye Toy PLay for ps3 thnxx
Mr. E says:
As far as EyeToy games go, the PS3 has yet to release very many. I believe as of now, there are only two: EyeCreate and Eyedentify. EyeToy Play 3 DID come out -- but only for PS2 and only in Europe...

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