Band Hero PS3 Drums working with Garageband!

So band hero is getting old - but your drumkit can live on and become an awesome MIDI drumkit! I found this guide, followed the instructions and bingo - it w...

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do the ps3 rockband drums work with ps2?
does the microphone? it says on ebay "rockband drums for ps3 or ps2" its not just that auction, many say that.
kaisersoza84 says:
I know, i saw that stuff on ebay too. It's odd, they sell rock band for the ps2, but none of the instruments like they do for 360 and Ps3. The Drums, mic, and guitar all plug into a USB port, which...

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PS3 Rock Band Drums Work with GarageBand
Reader Bill Pendry has discovered that you can easily get your PlayStation 3 Rock Band's drums to work perfectly with GarageBand, the music composition software that comes with every Mac. The "hack" just requires GamePad Companion, a $15 shareware program ...
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