How to replace a PS3 blueray drive

This video contains detailed instructions on how to replace the defective blueray drive in your PS3 with a new one.

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Mr. Smith Mr. Smith says:
Help concerning PS3 hard drive replacement.?
I followed the instructions on the following link: I have a USB hard drive and I am trying to copy the game save data onto the USB drive. For some reason, when I hit "copy"...
HVS says:
The PS3 doesn't see you external hard drive...Is it in NTFS, or FAT32?...PS3 will not recognized have to format your hard drive to FAT32. Try that.

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I am not a fan of USB portable HDD. the main system memory should be on a small SSD (120GB for example) with a user replaceable HDD or SSD space - just like Playstation 3 game us. If you want to be the "center of my entertainment center" you need to
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Although PS3 allowed users to open the chassis and replace the hard drive , many will likely prefer the simplicity of plugging in a USB 3.0 hard drive instead. In addition, USB 3.0 can transfer up to 80% more power, which will be especially helpful in ...
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Puzzling over how to replace the hard drive in the new super-slim PlayStation ... due to being thinner than standard 9.5mm drives. That said, the PS3's hard drive slot is large enough to accommodate 9.5mm drives should you wish to use one.
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