How to make sure your PS3 Blu-ray Disc Drive Works

This is a video to demonstrate how a PS3 disc drive should operate. For more information visit:

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I replaced the laser in this drive and all's well with that, problem is the bluray drive will not attempt to suck the disc in, when i boot the ps3 up the blue light flashes and i can hear it doing something, if i attempt to put a disc in at that time it stops. if i attempt after the blue light it does nothing, no matter how far i push the disc in. if i set the mechanisms to the loaded position...


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Tony D Tony D says:
can i swap out disk drive on ps3 fat ?
i bought a ps3 fat ....the old 80 gig model i know theres still games worth messing with it before i buy one of the new gen ones. but i took it apart and cleaned all the filth that was caked on it but still could not get the drive to read discs...
Norak D says:
If it's the disc drive that's the problem, you can replace just the disc drive. Note that you will need the EXACT same model of the current drive to replace.

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