XBOX vs. PS3 (Console War)

YES, this is a console war. The choice is now in your hands if I will be getting a PS3. Which ever console has the most reasons why I should get it will be t...

Evercool Defender Turbo Cooling Fan – Playstation 3 (Not ...

A great product for little price! Ok….all the negative reviews, I am unsure as to where your review is coming from as I have proven these work on multiple units with multiple different Defender Turbo’s.I run a Playstation 3 Repair cervice and honestly recommened these to every customer I have. While I am unallowed to present actual numbers, I can safely say that this fan...


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BobOhBoy! BobOhBoy! says:
ps3 slim vs 80gb normal?
i was just wondering what the main difference is (other than size) between the 120gb slim ps3 and the old 80gb fat one. Is it worth it to get the slim one, or should i try to get a used fat one? are both backwards compatible? and are the...
Ryhan says:
Price Both the 80gb PS3 console and the PS3 Slim console are now priced at £249.99. The price of the existing PS3 Fat dropped by around £50 the day the new PS3 Slim was announced and brought the...

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