Crystal White PlayStation 3 Limited Edition Bundle Unboxing (White PS3)

PRICING & AVAILABILITY Crystal White PS3 Bundle - This is an unboxing and overview of the newly released Crystal White PlayStation 3 Li...

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Sevensins150 Sevensins150 says:
Ps3 bundle question.?
I'm planning on buying the PS3 bundle with 2 controllers, Uncharted + Rachet tools of destruction. Is it worth it? And if it is.. I'm worried about how old is this 80GB system is.. since these games were released in 2007? Should I get it? and is...
sickcallaway (Sarcastic Joker) says:
Its essentially the same PS3 as the 40 GB model that was released with the older backward compatible 80 GB. Rest assured, its still a great PS3. It sounds like you are buying those online only...

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