Quick Replace Guide: PlayStation®3 Blu-Ray Drive

Original model CECHK 80GB PlayStation®3 encountered Disk Read Errors and after a while all types of media (Blu-ray, DVD, CD etc) would not show up at all; as...

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coasterman1221 coasterman1221 says:
What is the difference between the Blu-Ray drive on the PS3 and the Blu-Ray drive of an actual Blu-Ray player?
I'm going to purchase a 40Gb PS3 tomorrow and I was wondering if there were any differences with the quality of a Blu-Ray movie whether it were played on a PS3 or actual Sony Blu-Ray player. When I was at my Best Buy this past weekend, I saw the...
Skepticb says:
The PS3 for the longest time was the best blu ray player, because it is upgradeable with the Internet, it has fast loading, very good video and audio, quality and not until this July 2008, the ONLY...

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slantmagazine Review: Microsoft's Xbox One X
Yes, the PlayStation 3 was a special system all right, but it was one that was fraught with risk factors—from its exorbitant price to its betting the farm on A/V standards that only a fraction of its audience has adopted yet—and it's bizarre to watch
Paste Magazine 10 Things You Should Know About the Xbox One X
Last year's Xbox One S was able to play Ultra HD Blu-ray discs and upscale games to 4K resolution, but the X renders them at 4K instead of just upscaling, which enhances that graphical fidelity. It also supports HDR, or high dynamic range color, which
2017 Best Buy Black Friday Tech Deals: All The TV Shows, Movies, And 4K TVs On Sale
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NOW LIVE. List price $2299.99-$2996.99. 55" LG OLED55B7A on Amazon for $1496.99 (also at Dell); 55" OLED55C7P for $1697 (with Free Blu-ray Player at Dell); 65" OLED65B7A for $2296.99 (also at Dell); 65" OLED65C7P for $2696.99 (also at Dell

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Microsoft's adds Blu-ray Disc drive to Xbox One games console
The current version of the Microsoft games console, the Xbox 360 , was a hardware supporter of BD's now defunct high definition competitor, HD DVD, and launched an add-on external HD DVD drive accessory. Speculation about the company's intentions for its ...
PlayStation 4's Blu-ray drive is 3x as fast as PS3's, PSN friends list cap raised, and other tidbits from Sony's GDC panel
The PlayStation 4's new Eye motion camera has a tilt sensor so it can tell players when its facing the wrong direction or if it's fallen off your TV stand. The PlayStation 4's Blu-ray disc drive is ... see your real name versus your PlayStation ...
Five years on from HD-DVD's failure, the Xbox One has a Blu-ray drive
Microsoft's Xbox One will come complete with a Blu-ray drive. Games for the new console will be stored on Blu-ray discs, matching the PlayStation 4 as well as the Wii U's high-capacity proprietary media. It's not currently known what speed the Blu-ray ...

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