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NanaT NanaT says:
Grandparents did you know that video games...?
Are rated? I bought my four year old granddaughter this cute little PS3 game called Fairytale Fights. It has these cute little characters on the cover. Oh my gosh, this is the most gruesome game you ever saw. I told my husband that they should...
Siguy says:
ESRB ratings have been standard on video games since 1994 and are usually on the front of the game. The current ratings in place are: eC - early childhood, educational games for young children...

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Videogame Mais (Blogue) Dazz lança controle Dual Shock Fighter para PC e PS3
A Dazz anunciou o lançamento do controle Dual Shock Fighter, que chega para atender ao público gamer que procura mais conforto para longas horas de jogo. O produto já está disponível nas lojas especializadas desde o começo de novembro, e pode ser 
IGN Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
Visually Hellblade is a gorgeous game to take in – sun-soaked rocky beaches, vividly distorted streaks of color and light, and deep darkness that strangles the screen, there's a variety of hues, saturation, and exposures that convey meaning in most
Screen Rant 15 Video Games That Secretly Contain Characters Who Bare It All
game developers. From several cases of Final Fantasy nudity, to the naked furry artwork of The Legend of Zelda, here are . It started out as a PlayStation 3 game that was loosely
Ars Technica Sony's legal quest to remove its leaked developer's kit from the Web
once made public, can aid hackers in figuring out how to jailbreak consoles, create and install homebrew software, and enable other activities usually prohibited by the hardware maker (as we've seen in the wake of previous leaks of PlayStation 3 SDKs).

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Eureka Seven AO: Jungfrau no Hanabanatachi
Eureka Seven AO: Jungfrau no Hanabanatachi is an action game developed by Namco Bandai Games and released on PlayStation 3. More info:
The Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki
The Legend of Heroes VII: Ao no Kiseki is a role-playing game developed by Nihon Falcom Corporation and released on PlayStation Portable. More info:
Elmhurst library board rejects request to stop carrying M-rated video games
Rejecting claims of a direct link between violent video games and violent behavior ... insisted the group is not asking for a ban on the games. "We are asking the library to implement improved selection criteria and procedures," Schuetz told ...

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