Unboxing "PS3 AC Adaptor" for Controllers and More...

Play Station 3 Wall Charger for Controllers, Headset, Keyboard, and more... It has 2 USB Ports on it. The cord is the same as the PS3 Power Cord. By Sony. Pr...

Anker® AC Power Cord For Play Station 2 Power Adapter (PS2 ...

Anker® AC Power Cord For Play Station 2 Power Adapter (PS2), Play Station 3 SLIM (PS3 SLIM) Gaming Consoles, Laptop/Notebook Power Adapters, DVD/Blu-Ray players, Satellite Receivers, Panasonic Compatible PSX, Xbox, Gemini, Sega Saturn and Dreamcast Multi-System Replacement Power Cable for Gaming Systems and Other Electronic Devices [U.S. standard, 2-Pin Figure-8]

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Questions & answers

D R D R says:
what should I do? Buy the power brick for the 360 or just get a ps3?
Ok so the power brick {the huge ac adapter that is the power plug} got the red light on my xbox 360 and so now I have to buy another one which is like $80. I haven't gotten that 3 red ring of death on my xbox 360 that I bought used a year ago {god...
Callum R says:
Hey, I got a PS3 for Xmas last year. Havent had one problem with it and have loved every single bit...All of my friends who have a 360 have had some type of problem with it. One of my friends is on...

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