PlayStation 2 network adapter installation video

A video for retailers describing how to install the PlayStation 2 network adapter. Brought to you by

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dezrtdg dezrtdg says:
XBOX and PS2 wireless gaming adapter?
I need help finding an adapter for xbox (NOT 360) or ps2 so I can connect through my router. Please put which is which if you put answer both.
stinger503 says:
I have the Wireless-B Game Adapter by Linksys. Runs flawlessly on Xbox and Xbox 360. There are newer ones but this one is probably cheap and gets the job done.

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Playstation 2; Weinig gebruikte playstation 2 met 1 controller en geheugenkaartje. Werkt supergoed! Door j. D., 17 okt, 13:07 5,00. Wireless USB Adapter; Nieuwe Eminent Wireless 300 Mbps USB Adapter EM4580. Nieuw in doos. Van € 14,95 voor € 5,00.

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PCIe/PCI Adapter supports 5 Gb/s 34/54 mm ExpressCard.
Works with ExpressCard devices including Wireless Wide Area Network modems (such as CDMA, EV-DO, GPRS, etc.), SATA controllers, FireWire (400 & 800) adapters, flash card adapters, TV tuners, security, legacy I/O (PS2, serial, parallel), optical disk drives ...
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