Classic Game Room - PLAYSTATION 2 SCPH-79001 review

Classic Game Room HD reviews the MODEL SCPH-79001 PLAYSTATION 2, the PS2 slim! This slimmer, thinner, lighter, smaller PS2 has everything that you need to pl...

E3 Blog 2013. Do and Don't For Mircosoft and Sony Press Conferences

E3 is least then 5 days always, and this year will be the biggest one yet. Both Sony and Microsoft will show off there next gen consoles, Sony will show off games and console for the PlayStation 4 (PS4), and Microsoft with there Xbox One. While Nintendo won't have an Press Conferences at E3 but they will have an big announcement at the event with the Nintendo...


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Austin Austin says:
Does ps3 slim play ps2 games?
Hi im going to buy a ps3 slim soon and im wondering which one should i get because i hear like the 20gb one cannot play ps2 games so which one should i buy guys?
Jenova says:
backward compatibility for the PS3 with PS2 games is as follows on NTSC systems: 20GB (4 USB slots, fat, no longer in production) - YES 60GB (4 USB slots, fat, no longer in production) - YES 80GB...

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MyGaming Console hardware problems we can never forget
anxiety hoping that your drive has not failed on you. According to reports, the console had at least a 2% failure rate which dropped over time, especially when Sony released the last slim model. Still, if you had a PS2 Slim and it lasted throughout
SlashGear Xbox One X Review [UPDATE]
The PlayStation had a big head start back in '94, then the PS One and PS2 were released in 2000, followed soon by the first Xbox. Over the next decade and a half, Microsoft and Sony have done the release dance toward and right up against one another.
Siliconera Nioh: Complete Edition Trailer Shows The Samurai Action On PC
Bloodborne it's like Demon'souls the IP belongs to Sony. NiOh belongs to Koei Tecmo, Sony published the game. The answer about a potential PC port is who owns the IP, if it's Sony the chance are very slim, it's a third party there is a good chance it Best Buy Black Friday Ad Revealed, Historic Low Prices on Games and Consoles
The motherload has arrived. Best Buy has unleashed its Black Friday ad, and as you can imagine, the price-match masters are not going to be left behind by the likes of Kohls or Target! There are several pages in the ad for your consideration, with

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As Of June 1, GameStop Will Stop Taking PS2 Stuff In Trade
According to the aforementioned image posted up by a Reddit user, the retailer will stop taking PS2s in trade as of June 1. Several GameStops around me have confirmed that the date is correct and that it also applies to all PS2 games and accessories.
UK Retailer Slashed Ps3 Slim Price
the original PSX became the Ps1 and the bulky original Ps2 design was completely changed with the nice Ps2 Slim. In this generation Sony went all out with redesign, presenting five different PsP versions and three Playstation3 revisions. While some have ...
Who Needs a PlayStation 4 When You Can Have a ‘PS3 Slimmer’?
The new slimmer, even lighter PlayStation 3 looks a little like a curvier version of the PS2 slim — almost book-sized, though with a slight bulge in the middle, giving it an elliptical appearance. At half the size of the original 2006 model ...

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