Classic Game Room HD - PLAYSTATION 2 SCPH-30001 review

Classic Game Room HD reviews SONY PLAYSTATION 2 SCPH-30001 from the year 2000, the game console of the decade!! This PS2 is the driving force behind games in...

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Derek M Derek M says:
playstation 3 and ps2?
i was wondering if Sony still makes the 80G ps3 compatible with ps2 games. i had a 40GB and it didn't, and also my friend said that the ps2 games were messing up the blue ray??? so i was wondering if they make the 80GB ps3 compatible with ps2...
PoohBearPenguin says:
PS2 games shouldn't mess up the blu-ray drive. The blu-ray drive does a good enough job screwing itself up due to dust or dirt getting into it - something that the PS2's DVD drive had problems...

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