PlayStation 2 network adapter installation video

A video for retailers describing how to install the PlayStation 2 network adapter . Brought to you by

Behaviour of the Chinese clone SATA Network Adaptor from Deal ...

I have just received my SATA Playstation 2 network adaptor from Deal Extreme and played around with it for a while.

I knew the risks involved with purchasing such a clone device, but I went ahead with it because I have a spare SATA disk and I wanted to have a look at these clone adaptors. I'm making this thread not only because I want to be sure that I haven't gotten a...


Questions & answers

ky.deadman ky.deadman says:
question about ps2 network adapters?
i need to know if both the big ps2 and the small ps2 use the same internet adapter or if there different sized adapters
superdork says:
The slim PS2 comes with the network adapter, so you don't need to get one. I believe the slim PS2 network adapter is different from the original adapter because the slim PS2 adapter is built into...

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PCIe/PCI Adapter supports 5 Gb/s 34/54 mm ExpressCard.
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