Guitar Hero 2 Bundle Unboxing (PS2) Cherry Red SG


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-After a two year battle, my tap teacher/second mother Emily is in the hospice and ready to die. She kept the liver cancer a secret for the most part, I found out a few months ago because I guessed. I had suspected something serious was wrong during the Fall '12 semester. Anyway I have a long tribute video written out for whenever the moment comes, I know she was still alive as of this...


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lizzyluppi lizzyluppi says:
Where can i get a guitar hero 2 bundle for ps2?
help~ mom says she cant find it anywhere.. im so ticked...anywhere online that it is sold on really quick shipping??? this sucks...the one thing i want for x-mas... and its "not availible" again and again
Engaro says:
I believe that most stores only sell the newest guitar hero in bundle form. So you would only find guitar hero 3 in the bundle with a guitar. And most places have been sold out of guitar hero 3...

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