Classic Game Room HD - PLAYSTATION 2 SCPH-30001 review

Classic Game Room HD reviews SONY PLAYSTATION 2 SCPH-30001 from the year 2000, the game console of the decade!! This PS2 is the driving force behind games in...

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Dillon Dillon says:
did they stop making black ps2 consoles?
G - Rett says: u mean i black thick ps2 console.....?? the guy said ^^^^ they sell them for 130......i'll make u deal......i'll sell u mine for $200 on ebay........this is what you'll be...

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CNET Sony's PS4 hits a whopping 67.5 million worldwide sales
On the other hand, 2000's PS2 had sold 81.39 million units by 2004, making it the fastest selling console of Sony's gaming line. It remains the best-selling gaming console ever, with sales totalling 157.68 million globally. Despite not hitting the PS2
Forget PS5 release date, Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch face this new rival
Like with the PS2, something like a 4K Blu Ray may sound pretty enticing for those who have upgraded to a fancy new telly. But there are other market leaders that believe 2019 will be the year we will see the next PlayStation console arrive. And not
Inverse Original Xbox Backward Compatibility is Here for the Xbox One
Sony's PS4 is still only capable of playing certain PS2 games downloaded from the online store, with disc-based games and the company's other two home consoles shut out. The Nintendo Switch, which h, also only supports older games downloaded from 
Ars Technica Nintendo takes a gamble with record-setting Switch production plans
That's a major increase from the 13 million produced for the current fiscal year, which itself was a sizable increase from the company's initial plans to make just 8 million units for the console's first full year on shelves. WSJ's sources say those

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Rest In Peace, PlayStation 2 (2000-2012)
Having stopped shipping in Japan last year, The Guardian has confirmed with Sony that PlayStation 2 production has now ceased worldwide. Let that sink in for a second. There are no more PlayStation 2 consoles being made. Anywhere. Once the new consoles ...
GameStop Ending PlayStation 2 Trade-Ins in June (Updated)
Much maligned retailer GameStop has confirmed via front counter placards posted at all locations that it will end PlayStation 2 trade-ins and future console sales on June 1st. Since being launched in 2000, the console was responsible for ushering in the ...
Sony Ships Final Retail PlayStation 2 Consoles in Japan
With the next generation of consoles looming in the horizon it was inevitable that older generations would be finally be put to pasture. Such is the case with the PlayStation 2, which has been officially been discontinued in Japan – with the final retail ...

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