Reviewing my PS2: Accessories and game collection

Just a video about my PS2 console, accessories and videogames. Some of these games might be reviewed in the future, and I will probably make a video similar ...

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Adam Walker Adam Walker says:
How much would this cost? Ps2 and accesories?
So how much would it cost if i bougt a all of this stuff at a gamestop in california - used ps2, 1 controller and memory card, gta san andreas, kingdom hearts 1 and 2, jack 3 and maby 1 or 2 more good games
Blake says:
Ps2 = 65$ controller = 15$ Memory card = depends but no more than 10$ games = 50 - 60$ but if with two more games probably around 70 - 80$ so in total 170$ you know somewhere in that range

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It's official, GameStop will stop taking PS2 trade-ins starting June 1, at least in the US
Well, considering the console is being retired in Japan, we're not too surprised. It's not just games, either, as GameStop will also stop accepting PS2 accessories and consoles starting that month across its U.S. locations. That being said, GameStop has ...
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Rumor: GameStop Stops PS2 Trade-Ins in June
Some PS2 titles have destroy orders placed on them—meaning that they have no trade-in value, and if a customer leaves the disc, to just throw it in the trash. And, of course, the PlayStation 4 is expected to get a close-up at E3 in early June.

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