PES 2011 PSP gameplay Barcelona vs Real Madrid

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PSP gameplay Barcelona vs Real Madrid + penalty shootout ================================ IF YOU LIKE THIS GAME, BUY IT!! =========...

Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 will run on the Fox Engine

The latest avatar in the series will be powered by the next-gen Fox Engine .“The team have extended and enhanced Fox Engine to match the bespoke and complex demands of a football title,” says Konami in an official statement.

PES productions have re-worked on every element of game-play, setting a benchmark for the next gen football simulation. In addition to improved graphics and...


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help help says:
whats better fifa 2010 or pro evolution soccer 2010 for psp?
which one has more international teams? and fifa you cant put in the players you want for the national teams can you do that on pro evolution? i want jonathan dos santos on barca where is he at
danxp2 says:
Each has its pros and cons Scale Poor, Fair, Good Excellent Fifa Manager Mode: Fair Online Play: Excellent Be a Legend: Fair Control of player: Good Penalty kick control: Excellent PES Manager...

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