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peeweenano peeweenano says:
I have a question about downloading music into a psp?
See I tried to download and it did but when I try to play it on the psp it says 0 tracks and I downloaded them already. What gives? does anyone know what's up? o and by the way I just got it so I'm new to this stuff. ALSO how do u download pictures?
Michael C says:
You can use your PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) system to play music/audio saved to a Memory Stick Duo™. You can use one of two methods to save to your Memory Stick Duo™. Save Directly to a Memory...

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Hackers poking at the PlayStation 4 game PaRappa the Rapper Remastered have discovered something unusual about last year's rhythm game rerelease: it's actually an emulated PlayStation Portable version of the game with a fresh, HD coat of paint.

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