(How-To) Xbox 360 & PS3 - Laptop Wireless Adapter

If you do not see your Ethernet cable then simply find out your current motherboard and install the drivers, If you require further help on doing this feel f...

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da_heels_rule da_heels_rule says:
XBOX360 or Playstation3???????????
GIVE ME YOUR OPINIONS AND PROS and CONS of each system. Tough choice... argue well. Thanks! Also, how much is the XBOX LIVE? and how does it compare to (ps3)LIVE? And what games does XBOX360 have that ps3 doesnt? And are sports games, like...
Whattt says:
XBOX 360 PROS: Recommended for Online Gamers -- Cheaper -- Large, varied game library, including downloadable arcade titles -- Polished online experience that can accommodate millions of gamers...

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