Unboxing & Review: PS3 BD Remote Control

Is this a necessity if you frequently watch movies with your PS3? Watch the unboxing and review of the product to find out... Higher quality version (slower ...

Ps3 Bluetooth Setup

Logitech Harmony Adapter for PlayStation 3


Works with any Harmony Remote for one-touch control of DVD’s, Blu-Ray Disc movies and more on PS3. Supports all 51 PS3 commands to allow you to control XrossMediaBar (XMB), DVD and Blu-Ray Disc movies and all other console functions, including power on and off. Bluetooth wireless...


Questions & answers

Gianluca N Gianluca N says:
Does the Logitech Harmony 700 universal remote work with the Playstation 3 without a ps3 logitech adapter?
I am about to buy a Universal remote and I like the Logitech Harmony 700, is there anyway for me to hook up the 700 to my PS3 so that it works with blu ray instead of having to buy an adapter?
Norak D says:
No, you *must* have the adapter: The Sony PLAYSTATION3 is not directly compatible with your Harmony Remote. The Logitech Harmony Adapter for PS3™ (sold separately) will allow you to control your...

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