Evolution of PlayStation: PlayStation 3

See how PlayStation launched the PlayStation 3 and expanded the gaming ecosystem to include the state of the art PlayStation Network, precision motion gaming...

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ON71N3 G4M3R ON71N3 G4M3R says:
Playstation3 or PS3 Slim?
I'm planning on getting a playstation and I'm trying to figure out what model is best for me. I heard the PS3 slim isn't backwards compatible, will I regret buying this model if I ever want to play ps/ ps2 games? Also if I got a PS3 which would be...
ಠ_ಠ says:
Just get the PS3 slim. It is the most current model and comes with 160gb, which is plenty for games. I personally do not download movies off of PSN because I would rather just buy the blu-rays,...

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Wccftech LA Noire Nintendo Switch “Often Beats The Original PlayStation 3 Experience”
Rockstar Games' L.A. Noire has finally hit Nintendo Switch last week in all regions, and it seems like those who have purchased the game or are planning to will be getting an experience that's considerably better than the original. Digital Foundry
Comicbook.com PlayStation 3 Emulator Picking Up Speed On PC
But another team is hard at work on an emulator called RPCS3, which enables certain PlayStation 3 games to be played on PC. The team has been hard at work on the emulation engine for some time, but, according to Kotaku, they've finally gotten to the
Wccftech Latest RPCS3 Update Is A Huge Step Towards Emulating PlayStation 3's Exclusives
RPCS3, the Patreon-funded open source PlayStation 3 emulator, just made a major leap forward when it comes to emulating several highly requested PlayStation 3 exclusive games. The developers were able to achieve this result by introducing a couple of
Review in Progress: Okami HD
Truth be told, I've never beaten Okami. I've played it twice over in the past, first on the Nintendo Wii and got about halfway through the game, around that same time though, I got a PlayStation 3 and simply never found myself returning to finish it

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