Sleeping Dogs - Walkthrough - Part 1 (PS3/X360/PC) [HD] (Gameplay)

Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough Part 1 This is Part 1 of our complete Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough. The game is available for the Playstation 3, XBox 360 , and PC. Pla...

Case Studies: How to Build Online Businesses That Gross $250,000+ Per Month

My specialty is modeling success. I analyze what works and ask: what recipe can I find that others can use?

In this post, we’ll look at five successful online businesses. Some of them (e.g. GoldieBlox) are now grossing $300,000+ per month…and it’s the founder’s first company! One (Fresh-Tops) has gone from 1 to 20 employees in six months. Some of the other stats are even...


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kratos2009 kratos2009 says:
is there a way i can import my own music into a game and play it during a level
Cenobia says:
The PS3 is capable of doing it, but there are currently no games out that utilize it. I find it ruins the gameplay anyway, since sound is an intricate part of the experience (except maybe in...

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