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PS3 game console review. Classic Game Room reviews the PlayStation 3 video game system waaay back in 2008! Classic Game Room w...

E3 Log #2 – 2013 – Thoughts and Fears

With the official start if E3 2013 only 4 days away, and the main event that everyone will tune into 5 days away, I thought it was right to bring my own opinions and thoughts about the arguably the biggest gaming press event of the year. The reveals of both the PlayStation4 and XBOX One started the wait for the event and I will be doing another article on those reveals and my own thoughts on...


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the cuban the cuban says:
which the best game console xbox360 playstation3 or nintendo wii?
Steve says:
Based solely on hardware, the PS3 is the best. The launch games look just as good as the current 360 games. In another year, there will be a noticeable difference in the quality of the games with...

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For instance, EA's Beetle Adventure Racing and Nintendo's own Ridge Racer 64 are terrific games, packed with great track design and solid gameplay. For that matter, arcade classics like Asteroids 64 and Robotron 64 are worth the revisit as well. And

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