Sony DualShock 3 Charging Station Unboxing

Check out Today's best deals on gadgets HERE - This is an unboxing of the Sony DualShock 3 Charging Station for PlayStation 3 . Here are...

Dual USB Charger Station Dock for Sony Ps3 Controller Guide ...

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echo echo says:
PlayStation3 features, for other than gaming?
I've always been a PC Gamer.. Instead of putting together a desktop PC, i'm contemplating buying a PS3 instead. - Does it work with standard USB mice and keyboards? - Can I use it for internet browsing, checking my web email, etc ? (with the USB...
i dont know says:
ps3 80gb core at walmart : $399 includes.. -wireless controller with charger for each controller -free playstation@network membership ( ps3 home is coming out soon). -blue-ray player build in -wifi...

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The Verge Sony finally upgrades the PS Move controller from Mini USB to Micro USB
The updated Move hardware — officially known as the CECH-ZCM 2 J — is the first hardware revision that Sony's motion controllers have seen since their release as an accessory to the PlayStation 3 back in 2010 — which explains the comically outdated
PCMag Switch Converter Allows PS4 Controller Use
One word of warning, though: Nintendo doesn't like such converter workarounds and would rather you buy official accessories, so don't be surprised if it tries to stop the converter working with a future Switch update. As for cost, the converter is $34
The Verge The All Controller aims to be a universal remote for your game consoles
That means a lot of HDMI cables, but it also means a lot of controllers laying around. When you start adding second (or third, or fourth) controllers for multiplayer games, things add up quickly. The team at All Controller think they have the solution
The Verge 8bitdo's NES30 Pro controller is an almost perfect Nintendo Switch companion
The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is my go-to for lengthy bouts of Zelda or Splatoon. It's solid and comfortable, and among the best traditional controllers I've ever used. It's also $70, so I'm definitely not buying more than one. Same goes for the

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