Comparing the 60 GB (1st GEN) PS3 to the 80 GB (3rd GEN) PS3

I compare the 60 GB PS3 to the 80 GB (2nd version) PS3.

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Ryan J Ryan J says:
A New PlayStation3 Hard Drive?
This question is for people who successfully upgraded their hard drive in their PS3. I have an 80 gb CECHE01(fat) and want to upgrade to around 250 gb. Which hard drive did you successfully use and how well does it perform? Thanks, every answer...
The Shadow™ ® says:
I have upgraded over a dozen including 3 of my own any 2.5 inch sata 5400 rpm laptop drive works , the last one I upgraded was to a 500 gigabyte seagate hdd , they have a new model that uses less...

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