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PS4, Xbox One Might Cost $349 and $399 Respectively, Analyst ...

A note to investors from gaming industry analyst Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities suggests that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One might cost somewhere around $349 and $399 respectively and may debut on shelves at around the same time. The Wii and Wii U of Nintendo may also be discounted, according to Pachter, with the lukewarm Wii U possibly receiving discounts of about $50 on...


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GUYS i want u to compare me these 2 consoles and which one is best to ur opinion! PLUS I WANT U TO PREDICT HOW MANY YEARS EACH ONE GONNA LAST TILL A NEW CONSOLE FROM THEIR BRAND WILL COME OUT(i mean which one gonna last long and how long u see...
Lord Zadik says:
An article on the recent Game Pro magazine addresses the Strengths and Weaknesses of those consoles. Playstation 3 Strengths: Diverse game library: hardcore action, RPGs, sports, and some excellent...

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