PlayStation 2 Console Review

A review and a look at Sony's PlayStation 2 console. The world's most sold console.

GameStop to Start Rejecting PS2 Games, and the Next Generation Xbox’s Rumored Name

First off, there is news floating around that GameStop is officially putting the PlayStation2 into the company’s collective attic.

Cheap Boss Attack mentioned it in a recent article, referencing this article by Kotaku. While Kotaku claims it is a rumor, this Joystiq article mentions conversations with multiple GameStop stores which all corroborated the information. As Joystiq says,...


Questions & answers

chevy_orange04 chevy_orange04 says:
Sony Playstation2 slim console?
I was just wondering why my PS2 slim I have won't play Guitar Hero: World Tour. I have all the other Guitar Hero's and they play fine. World Tour won't even load the screen, it stays black. Is there a software update I can do to the system or am I...
(gr/n)ATE (Grate Nate) says:
unfortunately, you probably do not have a ps2 90000 series. those ps2's come with a special chip, and if you read the label on the back of the gh: wt box, it states that it is "Licensed for play...

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The gold standard for Sony in terms of console sales remains the PlayStation 2. Over the course of its lifetime the PS2 sold over 150 million units worldwide and claimed the crown of "fastest console to sell 100 million" in 2005. The PS4 could well
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Sony released some new stats today detailing the progression of sales for its PS4 console and PS VR headset systems. The numbers that matter: 70.6 million PS4 consoles, 617.8 million PS4 titles, 2 million PS VR headsets and 12.2 million PS VR titles

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