Classic Game Room HD - PS2 MEMORY CARD review

Watch in High Definition! Classic Game Room HD reviews the Playstation 2 Memory Card for the PS2 video game console! So, is this the most inane review ever? ...

Plus Size Wedding Dresses: 64mb magicgate memory card for ps2 ...


  • saves all your game data and progress
  • durable and compact design
  • replace or upgrade to a higher capacity memory card for your ps2 console
  • works like the official ps2 memory card but at a cheaper price
  • compatible with all ps2 console models (including ps2 slim)


  • color:...


Questions & answers

mindfog27 mindfog27 says:
playstation2 memory cards?
I have a playstation 2 and a 8 mb memory card that saves all playstation2 games I have, but I also have many playstation 1 games and it won't save the data..... How can I solve this problem... I really want to play final fantacy 7 again but i...
justifythegame says:
thats because you need a playstation 1 memory card. I dont think the 8mb memory card works with ps1 games. FF7 was my fav game of all time! btw, if u get a ps3 u can save all ur games on the...

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