PSP-E1004 Trailer

The new PSP console by Sony Entertaiment.

Can mobile gaming kill the consoles? - Talk Mobile |

Five years ago if you’d told anybody mobile phones and tablets stood even the chance of challenging dedicated home gaming consoles, you’d have been laughed out of the living room. After all, the state of the art of mobile back then included the Apple iPhone 3G, BlackBerry Storm, Palm Treo Pro, and HTC G1. Comparing them to the powerhouses that were the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox...


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Pie Pie says:
Which is the best Playstation Handheld console... PSP or PS VITA?
asif ahmed (askafahu) says:
Dude? Get Vita, new PSP games are no loger being released, PS Vita has better graphics, power, less games but better games, Ps Vita has touch screen and touch pad, PSp says touch me please ;), Ps...

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