Sony PSX - Rare Playstation Console Review

The Sony PSX was a combination DVR and Playstation 2 released in Japan in 2003. This rather hulking machine is known to be quite temperamental, and thus work...

The Games That Shaped My Childhood

Okay, so maybe they didn’t shape my childhood, but they certainly enriched it. My parents never wanted me to own a video game console (ironically, I own four now—a Sega Genesis, a Playstation 2, a Nintendo Wii and a Playstation 3, and I’ve owned a PS1 and, briefly, an X-Box in the past), only letting me rent them every once in a while until 2003, when I convinced my mom to buy a Genesis...


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sobedude sobedude says:
Which Playstation 3 consoles play PS1 games also?
Hello, I heard that not all playstation 3's are backward compatible, i just want to be able to play the old ps1 games and the ps3 games, which console should i get?
The Shadow™ ® says:
every ps3 made plays ps1 games , from disc and from downloads , they all play ps3 games too the ps3 that you are thinking of is the one that plays ps2 discs too , not all do but all play ps1 games...

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