Xbox 360 Slim Running on Old Power Supply

This is a video of my Xbox 360 Slim 250Gb running on a ORIGINAL revision 00 PSU! I bought the adapter for £7 on eBay and it works a treat! Now both my Xbox A...

Ouya unboxing and first impressions

This is no Apple product but then this cost just $99 and the packaging reflects this. It reminded me very much of the style and quality of packaging that my Google Nexus 10 came in – matt black cardboard. Functional, reasonable quality – gets the job done. I liked the ‘Thank you for believing’ sticker in the box – a nice touch.



Questions & answers

Michael D Michael D says:
Wireless original Xbox?
Is it all possible to hook up a original Xbox onto a wireless network? If is then what do I need to buy or do or mod to make this happen?
Hacked Off says:
You need to buy a wireless gaming adapter or a wireless bridge, Belkin and Linksys (among others) make them. They are wireless 802.11 adapters that connect to the ETHERNET port. They usually...

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He said the hack was easy. Someone with any proficiency with soldering could probably complete this project in 15 minutes,” he told me in Reddit message. “It took about 25 for me with the practice wire and redoing the job after my first botched attempt
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The company has even incorporated vapour chamber for liquid cooling in Xbox One X, which is typically used in top-end PC graphics cards and server computers. With such powerful hardware, Xbox One X owners will be able to play 4K resolution gaming at 60

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