Xbox 360 Slim Running on Old Power Supply

This is a video of my Xbox 360 Slim 250Gb running on a ORIGINAL revision 00 PSU! I bought the adapter for £7 on eBay and it works a treat! Now both my Xbox A...

Ouya unboxing and first impressions

This is no Apple product but then this cost just $99 and the packaging reflects this. It reminded me very much of the style and quality of packaging that my Google Nexus 10 came in – matt black cardboard. Functional, reasonable quality – gets the job done. I liked the ‘Thank you for believing’ sticker in the box – a nice touch.



Questions & answers

Michael D Michael D says:
Wireless original Xbox?
Is it all possible to hook up a original Xbox onto a wireless network? If is then what do I need to buy or do or mod to make this happen?
Hacked Off says:
You need to buy a wireless gaming adapter or a wireless bridge, Belkin and Linksys (among others) make them. They are wireless 802.11 adapters that connect to the ETHERNET port. They usually...

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