Original Xbox parts

I disassembled my original xbox and here are the parts. Any ideas you have of what I should do with it comment below.

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Beta Testing Concludes, Customizability and Build Quality Set Razer Arcade Stick Apart

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jesus Z jesus Z says:
original xbox spare parts?
ok i have an old modded xbox and was about to throw it away. Then i thought maybe there are some parts in it i can use on my pc or whatever. So my ? is which parts should i save and what can they be used for?
joevsyou says:
umm for the pc? i think pretty much all the chips and motherboard is designed for the xbox this is why it takes years to design a system. if a system was just parts from a pc it be so much easyier...

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Mashable Xbox controllers are the best around. Now, Microsoft's new one lets every gamer play.
This allows for added button-mapping flexibility, since the app lets anyone to reassign button commands to different parts of the controller as they see fit. Say you want to make the big A button click the R3 button instead; the Xbox Accessories app
TNW State of Decay 2: If you survive the bugs, the zombie apocalypse ain't so bad
The original was a surprise hit, a combination of role-playing, action, and strategy that brought with it a unique take on the zombie-killing genre. It was a . Plus, thanks to Microsoft's “home Xbox” feature, you can play your copy on PC while
Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Crosses 1 Billion Hour Milestone
Microsoft has been allowing players to tear into parts of their Xbox 360 backlog via Xbox One for some time now with the introduction of backwards compatibility, and it's been a smash hit, if the numbers are anything to go by. It's been an extremey
Eurogamer.net Dragon Age 2 and Saints Row 2 get backward-compatibility on Xbox One
Microsoft has announced the latest additions to its list of backward-compatible Xbox 360 games on Xbox One: BioWare's divisive RPG sequel Dragon Age 2, and Volition's delightfully outlandish open world adventure Saints Row 2. Dragon Age 2 arrived in

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Hacking the Xbox

Hacking the Xbox

Published by No Starch Pr 2013
ISBN 1593270291,9781593270292
272 pages
Provides step-by-step instructions on basic hacking techniques and reverse engineering skills along with information on Xbox security, hardware, and software.

Strategic Business Planning for Accountants

Strategic Business Planning for Accountants

Published by CIMA Publishing 2006
ISBN 0080481124,9780080481128
632 pages
This book examines the practice of strategic business planning, including its functions, methods, tools, and the way in which they are employed. It does so in a practical way through case studies, which help in demonstrating how to innovate in order to overcome obstacles and cover new and evolving challenges. The book is divided into six parts : • part 1 focuses on the strategic plan, as master plan of the enterprise • part 2 covers the management functions whose able execution makes the...

EZ Cheats: Xbox

EZ Cheats: Xbox

Published by Ice Publications 2011
ISBN 1907759956,9781907759956
240 pages
Cheats Unlimited are the specialists when it comes to video game cheats, tips and walkthrough guides. Fronted by the glamorous and gorgeous Cheat Mistress, Cheats Unlimited has helped over seven million gamers worldwide over the last 12 years. Through phone lines, fax machines, the Web and WAP sites and now eBooks, we have been there for gamers when they've needed us the most.With EZ Cheats: Video Game Cheats, Tips and Secrets: For Xbox 360 & Xbox, we aim to help you unlock the game's full...

Strategic Management

Strategic Management

Published by South-Western Pub 2013
ISBN 0324581130,9780324581133
387 pages
Strategic Management: Competitiveness And Globalization, Cases, Eighth Edition is a comprehensive Strategic Management case text that combines proven scholarship; cutting-edge research; a practical global focus; and the most thorough, up-to-date, and applicable business examples and cases available. Now, this trusted business text is enhanced by the addition of powerful new media and technology resources, including an updated video program, CENGAGENOW online learning tools, and the Business...

Kid-Friendly Best Video Game Systems: A Parents’ Guide To New Video Game Systems and Old Video Game Systems and Kid Video Games To Help You Choose The Top Gaming System Your Preschoolers Will Enjoy

Kid-Friendly Best Video Game Systems: A Parents’ Guide To New Video Game Systems and Old Video Game Systems and Kid Video Games To Help You Choose The Top Gaming System Your Preschoolers Will Enjoy

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Xbox One Will Be Region-Locked, Microsoft Spokesman Confirms
The original Xbox and Xbox 360 were both region-locked ... This comes as no surprise however, region-locks are nothing new especially for video games. Different parts of the world have different rules regarding content that is acceptable ...
Were Components of Final Fantasy Versus XIII Used to Create Lightning Returns?
Two enigmas have surrounded Square Enix since this generation first began, namely Final Fantasy 13 and Final Fantasy Versus 13. The former was the subject of much controversy since it became the first Final Fantasy to go multiplatform, releasing for the ...
Seeing Red: A History of the Xbox 360's Red Ring of Death
The E74 error was followed up by the E68 error. In 2010, Microsoft unveiled Kinect, but also revealed a whole new Xbox 360 model, colloquially known as the 360 Slim. Coming in a sleek black design, the new Kinect-ready Xbox 360 came sporting 45nm chips and ...

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