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Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals

Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals is the sequel to highly popular anime-inspired, sci-fi action/role playing game series Spectrobes for Nintendo DS. Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals continues the story of Rallen and Jeena, interplanetary patrol officers who discover, excavate, awaken and train mysterious fossilized creatures known as Spectrobes and then use them to battle enemies. The story...


Questions & answers

Addison Mckinley Addison Mckinley says:
How much is an original nintendo ds with accessories worth? Please help me!?
Hi everyone! I am a 17 year old girl, and I am trying to get enough money to go on a study abroad trip next summer. I am planning on getting a job at a summer camp where I would be making close to $300 a week, but I also realized that I can sell...
Timmy says:
not to much im afraid the ds is a machine that sold well over 160 million units and the original is now 7 years old it been superceded by the lite the dsi and the xl the lite is...

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