•-• Nintendo GameCube power supply

This is a Nintendo GameCube Power supply that I took apart when I spilt water all over my GameCube last night when I was playing ps3 black ops with my friend...

Project: Outlet Wii (13/4/2013)

Project Outlet Wii has been a success ! Friday I went to a flea market to pick up some controllers and instead picked up a (official) Wii Power supply for $2! All I needed was to borrow the sensor bar from a friend, but I'm sure I will have my own in no time!

As for now the system works perfectly, I formatted the system right away to give it more of a personal feel to myself....


Questions & answers

Cba1 Cba1 says:
can i use an nintendo gamecube ac adapter on a nintendo wii?
i plugged the gamecube adapter , but noticed the = an - points were inverted in the wii input , so i cut a little on the side , and plugged it "backwards" , it worked , been playing for almost a week and no problems.
Speedy125 says:
No. Do NOT listen to the first answer (Zisweef). Only use the AC Adaptor supplied with the Wii. Even if the gamecube one did fit in the Wii's slot, theres a high chance that it will blow up your...

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