Classic Game Room - NINTENDO GAME BOY ADVANCE review model AGB-001

Nintendo Game Boy Advance model AGB-001 review. Classic Game Room reviews the original NINTENDO GAMEBOY ADVANCE in this exciti...

Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move Review

Mario and Donkey Kong have pretty well put aside their differences since the 80′s and early 90′s. Every so often in the modern gaming era however, the portly plumber would have to chase down the big ape again, after he knicked some toys, or once again set his sights on the lovely Pauline. While Mario was happy to chase down DK on foot, just like the good old days in Game Boy Advance...


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sassy2sloppy sassy2sloppy says:
nintendo ds vs game boy advanced?
my neice desperately wanted a handheld system for her bday. Its been pushed off on me to find the right one. She'll be turning 6, and is more a little tom boy then a girly girl. Which one would you recommend?
Jim says:
i would say the gameboy advance. it doesn't matter if she's a girly girl, or tomboyish, everyone plays video games now a days. the DS can play gameboy advance games, true, but the problem is that...

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