NFL Buccaneers Controller Faceplate for Xbox 360 and PS3

Mad Catz Global PR & Communications Manager Alex Verrey showcases the officially licensed NFL Controller Faceplate for Xbox 360 and PS3. For more information...

Which is better (so far)? Playstation 4 or Xbox One?

Well we are about 8 days away from E3 and both Sony and Microsoft have revealed their new consoles but out of the two, which one seems better? Well here is a breakdown of the two consoles specs so that we can get a better look at what these two industry giants are going to offer in the coming months.

The PS4

The PS4 will move away from the cell...


Questions & answers

unsmoothdude unsmoothdude says:
nfl madcatz ps3 controller review?
i have bought a controller on ebay and waiting for the delivery. after buying i saw a lot of negative comments . i was wondering if this is true can someone give me and in depth review on it please. im tired of people sending me links for a ps3....
xx-Da-King-xx says:
Alright, the negative comments you heard are probably correct, Mad Catz is a really bad company!!!! Everything they make is really bad, i had a mad catz controller once it broke really fast and...

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Sony has its PlayStation 4, Microsoft has its Xbox One ... Microsoft has also partnered with NFL and ESPN to allow you to control replays, view game stats whenever you like and even compare your fantasy league team to the performance happening in-game.

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