PSP 16gb Memory Stick Pro HG Duo unboxing

Just bought it yesterday (3/16/11). Cost 83$ (3700 pesos). Original and not fake!! Content: -Fast 30Mb/s file transfer -16gb capacity (15gb) -Fast read of fi...

SanDisk 8GB Memory Stick Pro Duo | Buy Psp

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hoi1ma hoi1ma says:
which psp memory stick pro duo should be avoid?
I want to buy a 4gb pro duo from ebay but i dont know what to buy and what to avoid. Can someone assist me?
HoHosareSICK says:
Most memory sticks on ebay are FAKE. They will report wrong amounts of memory (for example, it will hold up to 2GB but in the PSP it will say it supports 4GB) and they can fail unexpectedly. Your...

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