XBOX 360 Hori Ex2 Turbo Controller Pad Review - 360 Full Turbo Controller

Get the new Hori Ex2 Turbo Controller pad here: Old SKool Fool drops the newest full un-modded X...

HORI Xbox 360 Racing Wheel EX2 Reviews | Video Games Xbox 7

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Questions & answers

project_princess_2003 project_princess_2003 says:
Question about Hori blue controller for xbox 360?
I was thinking of buying a hori blue controller for my hubby. I have found them on ebay but the ebay store says they no longer make them, also I found a artical online that said they had been a recall on them. Anyone know about that? Also if...
Hacked Off says:
They look good, but functionally they are the same as the standard controllers.

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