this is a video review of the new xbox 360 elite filLed with 120 GB hard drive and new HDMI ports !!! PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT WITH YOUR THOUGHTS AND QUESTIONS !!

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Zane Mac McCarty Zane Mac McCarty says:
XBOX 360 PREMIUM data to XBOX 360 ELITE harddrive?
how can i transfer data between the two without a migration cable or extra device
theoryofgame says: You can order the transfer cable and software for free at that site, and use them to transfer your data. Until you get it though, use your 20GB from your premium. When you...

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Microsoft Slashes Xbox 360 Prices
Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) said it is cutting the worldwide price of its Xbox 360 Elite by $100, to $299 ... The lower-end Arcade, which has no hard drive, will still be price at $199. Nintendo’s Wii is still priced at $250 per unit. Microsoft shares ...
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