Guitar Hero 2 (Xbox 360) Sweet Child O Mine Expert 100%

Not my favorite song, but I think somebody requested I do a vid of this a while back, so, well - better late than never! :)

Harmonix’s Fantasia: Music Evolved Unites Music And Colors

While many online were quick to write off the game due to its use of Kinect, I found myself taking a different train of thought. Harmonix is one of the few developers that managed to use the Kinect right with Dance Central , so that wasn’t a concern. If anything, the initial reports of Harmonix and Disney teaming up to make a Fantasia game filled me with excitement. There...


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Deanna V Deanna V says:
Xbox (Not 360) Guitar Hero?
Does any store, or website sell guitar hero 2 for the regular Xbox..... Its all Xbox 360 now..... I need help, I've tried everything....
Bubbles says:
NONE of the Guitar Hero games were released for the original xbox: The original was for PS2 only - as was the "sequel" ("Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s"). Guitar Hero II was originally for the...

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