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Loading Gameshark/Codebreaker/AR with PS2PSXe? - PSX Scene

Is there anything stopping me from booting a BIN of one of these cheat discs for use with a legit PS1 game/backup?

Isn't there a problem with it being booted from a USB stick wherein it doesn't recognize the DVD drive or something?

I feel like I looked into this before, but I can't remember.

Edit: Disregard this, I remember what the problem was, PS2PSXe runs...


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Snake Snake says:
would my gameshark 2 destroy my ps2?
i bought a gameshark 2 and i had an old ps2 where I used it on. i got the ps2 for almost 5 years and the gameshark for like a couple of months. but my ps2 stopped completely working and I hope it wasnt that the gameshark ruined it. I bought a new...
JD says:
Your Gameshark will have no effect on your PS2. Gameshark is an external plug-in and thus will not cause harm to your PS2 because it is compatible with PS2. Your older PS2 broke most likely due to...

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