How to customize fat PS3 Face plate

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James James says:
How to make the 60GB PS3 quieter?
I have a backwards-compatible NA 60GB Playstation 3... aka, a "fat" PS3. When I bought it in December of 2011, I disregarded the warnings related to how loud it was when playing games. I assumed that it was just people being overly picky. I was...
Glimmer Man says:
There is nothing you can do to make it quieter. My old 80GB PS3 made that noise shortly before it malfunctioned. I tried new thermal paste and a 19 blade fan, nothing worked. The problem is that...

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Gematsu Hatsune Miku and Yakuza 6-themed PS4 top covers announced for Japan
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Tom's Guide PS3 New and Old, Fat and Slim Compared
Regardless whether you have a launch PlayStation 3 will full PS2 backwards compatibility, or an 80 GB with software PS2 emulation, or an even newer machine with no PS2 hardware at all, it all looked mostly the same from the outside. Regardless of which
Gran Turismo 5 Racing to PlayStation 3 Faceplates Everywhere
I've dropped 300+GB HDDs into PS3 no problem. The extra USBs and the MediaCard slots are really really nice (especially now with 4 DS3 controllers and 3 Move controllers + PSEye. The finish of the new slims have always turned me off. The outside is the

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