How to customize fat PS3 Face plate

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James James says:
How to make the 60GB PS3 quieter?
I have a backwards-compatible NA 60GB Playstation 3... aka, a "fat" PS3. When I bought it in December of 2011, I disregarded the warnings related to how loud it was when playing games. I assumed that it was just people being overly picky. I was...
Glimmer Man says:
There is nothing you can do to make it quieter. My old 80GB PS3 made that noise shortly before it malfunctioned. I tried new thermal paste and a 19 blade fan, nothing worked. The problem is that...

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Regardless whether you have a launch PlayStation 3 will full PS2 backwards compatibility, or an 80 GB with software PS2 emulation, or an even newer machine with no PS2 hardware at all, it all looked mostly the same from the outside. Regardless of which 
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The final scene shows, fittingly enough, that he's become a farmer, freely appearing with no faceplate. He no longer feels ashamed of his scars and plans to rebuild his rule from the ground up, fully understanding the true potential of mankind
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I've only ever had one console die on me and that was my fat PS3 - not the 60GB backwards-compat version though. It suffered a YLOD while I was overseas with 360's arrived and it still works fine to this day. Even bought a pimpin' solar
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Once you've laid the motherboard back down, you will need to connect the rest of the PCBs for the top screen. For the fat one (seen stuck under the bottom-side fat one in the image above, though it needs to be on the top side of the board), you will

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