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Aaron Aaron says:
PS3 DLC Question Problem And Confirmation?
so i have this kingdoms of amalur region 3 ps3 game and i wanna know, if i will get the DLC's of the game do i have to use my asian psn account rather than my US account? and if i can get the DLC will i be able to install it into my US account...
85% vote up says:
Some PS3 DLC are region free, while some are not. I have read 2 persons' answers and found out their answers are wrong and have lack of video games knowledge.. BOT agreed with " The Shadow™ ® "...

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If you love your racing games fast and violent, look no further than the Burnout Paradise Remastered that includes 2008's arcade racer along with all the postrelease DLC. While the game didn't receive a generous visual facelift, it's still very
ファミ通.com PS3版『ドラゴンズドグマ:ダークアリズン』本編が500円、追加DLCが50円になる期間限定セール開催
カプコンは、発売中のプレイステーション3版『ドラゴンズドグマ:ダークアリズン』について、ダウンロード版がお得に購入できる“春の覚者生活応援セール”を2018年4月23日まで期間限定で実施中。 以下は、メーカーリリースを引用して掲載. PlayStation3版『ドラゴンズドグマ:ダークアリズン』春の覚者生活応援セール実
Push Square Ubisoft Dates Its E3 2018 Press Conference
Ypmud · 5 · Ypmud; Tue, 10am. I hope they leave AC for one more year and focus on origins more dlc to that game. 0 · Reply · NintendoFan4Lyf · 6 · NintendoFan4Lyf; Tue, 10:03am. I hope it is one hour of Just Dance. 0 · Reply · playstation1995 · 7 Diablo 3's Necromancer DLC out next week
Pitched as a jumping-on point for new players (or perhaps those who never moved over from the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions), the Eternal Collection has a standard price of £54.99 (€69.99), but will be available to Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus

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Dust 514 DLC Aerial Assault Pack brings death from above – out now
Some new DLC for the PS3 exclusive shooter Dust 514 is available to download now from the PlayStation Store. It’s the Aerial Assault Pack, it’s a dropship bundle with added Booster bonus, and it’s priced £7.99/$9.99. Here’s the official ...
Chickens and Skeletons: Guacamelee’s First DLC Pack
Switching between Juan and Tostada is a freebie designed to please the game’s biggest ... “Each [costume] has a risk/reward thing built into it,” Smith explained. So for instance, the Pollo Luchador costume, which allows both Juan and ...
Guacamelee! Patch 1.01 on PS3 and PS Vita Goes Live Tomorrow, Alongside New DLC
After topping the sales charts on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in April, DrinkBox Studios’ Guacamelee! is getting a patch tomorrow to help clean up some issues with the game, while also prepping it for some new DLC. Looking at this new pat

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