Custom PS3 Wireless Namco Gun Controller Call of Duty Style Mod

I describe the process of building a custom PS3 wireless controller gun created with the parts from a PS3 WIRED Namco controller and a PS3 wireless controlle...

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BaSeBaLlKiD721 BaSeBaLlKiD721 says:
ps3 controllers?
do they sell ps3 sixaxis controllers in a silver color.. i dont want the chillstream controllers. what i want is a silver version of the black controller that is with the ps3.. is there anywhere i can buy this? thanks in advance
dude says:
no PS3 sixaxis controllers don't come in silver only black unless u had choked up a fortune for one of those custom PS3s

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Forbes 'God Of War' Gets A Strange-Looking Limited Edition PS4 Pro Bundle
In just a little over a month, Sony kicks off an impressive year of exclusive software with God of War, a reboot of the PS3-era Deicide simulator and lead character Kratos' first new game since 2013. Sony just announced an interesting-looking custom
TechCrunch The All Controller controls all your consoles
Well the All Controller isn't like that at all. The All Controller is a third party project that, in theory, can be used on any console. You can set up macros and speed buttons and connect to the Xbox, the PS4, or the Switch. It also has a 40 hour PlayStation 4 REVEAL: Sony announce two new PS4 controllers that won't be around long
Pricing on the new controllers have not been confirmed by Sony for Europe, although we do know that they will be sold for around $65 in the United States. The new PS4 designs can also be pre-ordered in the US now, while fans will have to wait in the UK Destiny 2 PC Features Controller Support & Custom Keybindings
After a prolonged wait, Destiny 2 is finally available on PC. If you're a PC gamer at heart but couldn't wait around for the release on PC and bought it on console, you might want to consider double-dipping on this title. Despite Bungie not having

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Diablo III hits PS3, Xbox 360 on Sept. 3
Action-role-playing game coming to current-generation consoles this fall at $60. Diablo III will launch on September 3 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Activision announced today. The game was previously only announced for PS3 and PlayStation. It will ...
How about a dedicated sports controller for PS3
Comfort, price, and aesthetics all come ... Do you play a lot of sports games? If so, have you ever wished for a dedicated sports game controller? Gioteck's SC-1 PS3 controller is exactly that. This controller features four levels of sensitivity to let ...
Controller Creator Unveils New Mega Mod Controllers for PS3 and Xbox360 at Great Low Price
Los Angeles, CA -- Controller Creator is pleased to announce that they now have the Mega Mod Modded Controller for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 at fantastic savings. offers the most custom controllers with millions of combinations ...

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Ps3 Controller Custom Image - Ps3 Controller Custom Graphic Code
Ps3 Controller Custom Image - Ps3 Controller Custom Graphic Code
Top / PS3 Products / Controllers / PS3 CUSTOM BLACK or WHITE SILVER ...
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