The guy nicknamed Olekrok has requested this video, so thank him if you like it. In this crappy video, I demonstrate what kind of PSP-related crap I have and...

PSP Console - Best Video Games Guide

It is undeniable that the PSP console is a favorite portable game console for many people. Until now, the PSP console has sold over 67 million units worldwide. You can play various kinds of cool games with superb graphics in its widescreen. Its ability is not limited to gaming, but also functions as a robust multi-media. You can play movies, music,...


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matador matador says:
cool stuff for psp?
I just got a new psp............ what accessories should i get for it? What cool stuff can i download for my psp. What kind of software can i download for it. Where can i download games and movies for free or a small charge and where can i get...
Caelorum says:
If you get online with it (like from a wireless hotspot) you can download and read free ebooks. Some of those are pretty good! You can also listen to MP3 music on...

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Tech Advisor How to play PS3 games on PS4
you more and sit back and rake in the money. Otherwise, just like everybody else says.Sony, why wouldn't you take the reigns and make the PS4 the PS5 and on and on play EVERY previous system's games? It is because they want more of your money
CNET News Must-have PSP accessories: PSP 3000 edition
So you've taken the plunge and purchased the new PSP 3000. It's a great handheld for gaming and media playback, but--just like an iPod or a cell phone--you're gonna need an assortment of accessories to get the most out of it. Here's what we suggest
Bleeding Cool News Makai Wars Has Finally Been Unveiled After 13 Years
A long long time ago at an E3 far far, Nippon Ichi Software announced Makai Wars for the PSP. Yes, that announcement came during E3 in 2004. The publisher quickly changed their tune as they announced at Tokyo Game Show 2005 that the title would be
Stuff The 7 best mobile gaming accessories
Time was, mobile gaming meant shelling out on a PSP or a Nintendo DS. Or, if you were really lucky, a Nokia N-Gage. Not any more. Now all you need is a smartphone and an internet connection to enter a world of platformers, puzzle-solvers and, well

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PDP Discusses Gaming Accessories
Gaming Illustrated (JVF): This is Joe with Gaming Illustrated, and I’m talking to Candace Simpson of PDP. Candace (PDP): Hi. Gaming Illustrated (JVF): Can you tell us a little bit more about the Prismatic headset? Candace (PDP): The Prismatic has ...
Razer Edge Review: So Heavy, So Expensive, So Awesome
man this is so damn cool. Then it gets heavy again and you rest it on your ... There have been more practical handheld gaming solutions, like the PSP and PSP Vita's PSN Store, but none with as much overkill for current games as the Edge.
PLAY: Video game and other tech toy gift suggestions
Presented here are our picks for our favorite toys, video games and accessories for the gamer on your holiday ... also load up your own content to play on the device). Much like the PSP, there's a wide variety of games for the Vita, which this time are ...

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