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Jennifer Jennifer says:
Call of Duty games for PlayStation 2?
I know they have them but I need a list of all the ones they have for it, and which ones are better as far as graphics and game play and all that. Thank you!
Mhm says:
Call of duty 1 Call of duty 2 Call of duty 3 Call of duty 3 was my favorite but I think online was shut down for those 3 games. Call of duty 3 is on Playstation2 and Playstation3, and online was...

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Metro Weekend Hot Topic, part 2: How have your tastes in video games changed?
All three I suppose. When I was younger I used to play almost nothing but multiplayer games. Especially Call Of Duty and FIFA, but nowadays I find I'm just not good enough to really compete. Against my mates, maybe but since they don't play as much now
Metro Games Inbox: Destiny 2 disappointment, Call Of Duty vs. Splatoon, and the Readers' Top 40
It played fine but the graphics looked like they were from the PlayStation 2. Used to have so much fun with a group of friends swapping the controller between us and putting our faces onto our avatars using the Xbox 360 camera. Surely with the advent
Metro Shadow Of The Colossus knocks Monster Hunter: World from UK number one spot
The PlayStation 4 remake of Shadow Of The Colossus was a surprise the moment it was announced, but fears that it would be a sales flop, similar to 2016's The Last Guardian, seem to be unfounded. As ever there are no sales figures to show exactly how
Metro Games Inbox: Sea Of Thieves killer app, GTA remakes, and Activision's Star Wars
Sure they've had they're rubbish tie-ins in the past, but when they make an effort, like if they made the same effort as they did for Call Of Duty, they can be very good. And I'm sure Disney would put some kind of clause in the contract where they

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