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My PS3 gameplay.

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catlady catlady says:
Which PlayStation3 Game Would Be Best For ?
a 9 year old?. My grandsons birthday is coming soon and he wants me to buy him a PS3 game. I really don't know much about the games and need your advise. What game do you think would be good for a child his age. I asked him what game he wanted and...
Carter says:
LITTLEBIGPLANET!!!!! No doubt about it! Burnout Paradise is a good racing game for him if he likes racing games.

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PlayStation LifeStyle Criterion: No Plans to Bring Burnout Paradise to PS4
People; just get it on PC if you still want to play it but don't have your PS3 plugged in. Yeesh. We just plain need a new Burnout. And even then, it could be bad. Isn't Criterion like, 5 people now? They offloaded most of their developers to Ghost
Digital Spy Classic racing game Burnout Paradise is currently free on Xbox One and Xbox 360
The "while you can" refers to the game only being free until the end of the month (and year), as part of the free Games with Gold scheme, meaning you need to be signed to up to Xbox Live Gold - but, come on, who isn't? You only get the base game with
Metro Games Inbox: The death of arcade racers, Titanfall 3 predictions, and Super Mario Odyssey disappointment
The daft thing is that the racing game I still get the most out of is Burnout Paradise and that's 10 years old. Love the handling, the cars and the whole map is varied and interesting. The map is large enough to feel real but not so large that you seem
Metro Weekend Hot Topic, part 1: What's the best value video game?
My best value gaming purchase has to be Burnout Paradise. I've bought the game three times since its release in 2008 (twice at full price) and yet despite my triple outlay Paradise has still provided an incredible amount of fun for the money. I've

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