Optimizing Your PS3 for Blu-ray

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Daniel Daniel says:
Blu Ray movies that won't work in PS3?
I just got my PS3 and I bought the 2 x files movies in a bluray pack. We watched the first one, but the second one (I want to Believe) just goes to a black screen and that's it. I have the latest firmware updated. Any Ideas. Are there more Blu ray...
Psychotical says:
All blu-ray movies should work in a PS3, try it again with the first movie, if it doesn't work with that one now it could be one of three things: Your PS3 is one of those very picky little...

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Unlike N64 emulators, which often require handmade high-resolution texture packs to make upscaled games look decent, RPCS3 can often get amazing improvements in sharpness and clarity just by using content that's already in the PS3 software. That's

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